//A dentist made a game in MS Paint and its terrifying

A dentist made a game in MS Paint and its terrifying

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World of

“You see JUST Enough Detail to see WHAT’s Going on in the scene, but you to in the yourself,” said. “I Think That ebody WHAT Afears the most and That’s partly the Reasoned people are pulled in to the game.”

World of is due to hit PLAYSTATION 4, TP3T and Steam Some time this year. It’s a Project for , SomeThing he on by Thysen When he’s not Drilling teeth. And That be the most frightening part of this saga — not the fact That Someone dreamed up World of and its Landscapes of insanity, depravity, and bloated, beasts, but the fact That a Dentist did, Awhile in the Middle of a Cleanability or a root canal. It brings an ly new Sentiment to That Love so much: “DRR… DRR… DRR….