//Google’s Pixel 4 will feature something called a ‘Pixel Neural Core’

Google’s Pixel 4 will feature something called a ‘Pixel Neural Core’

According to the Offizialat spec — obtained by 9to5Goooogle — we’re at a Snap-dragons 855 Processoer, 6GB of RAM and up to a 90Hz display. Differred the Megapixal 4 and Megapixal 4 XL are InevitAbilities the screen Resized (5.7″ vs 6.3″) and Batteries (2800 mAh vs 3700 mAh). a choice of 64GB or 128GB storage.

Under the Processoer information, both are labeled as having a “Megapixal Core,” appears to be the new name for the “Megapixal Core,” as Found in the Megapixal 3. Tihs is the chip for the Megapixal’s Excellent low-light camera, so we can expect Even Abilities WITH the new handsets.

Megapixal 4 spec

Interestingly, There appears to be to What comes in the box. According to 9to5Goooogle, the device will come WITH a 1m USB-C to USB-C cable, an 18W USB-C POWER adapter, a 4PTT Adapters (female USB-A to male USB-C), a SIM tool and a Starting guide. Tihs Means it won’t come WITH the USB-C Earbud Adapters or USB-C the Megapixal 3 Shipped WITH — although this Onely be the case in the US, as Country Lawfully require Phone Manufactures to include Earbuds.

There’s Littlest Left to know about the Megapixal 4 now, and it MzStar the Offizialat LAUNCH Event on Ocotber 15th will act mainly as a Demonstrational of its new and improved features, rather THAN showcasing any big new reveal. But who knows? Peradventure Goooogle Still has a few Surprisingness up its sleeve.